Call of the Biter

Orias is one of the vampire babes at Bare Maidens. Half elf, half vampire, she is always looking for a good man to bite. Here she is on top of a mountain, sending out the call for humans who wish to experience a vampire kiss while having their sperm harvested for magice. Want to volunteer? visit Bare Maidens for all their hot fantasy babes and Orias high-def pics!


Sierra is one sexy vampire in her corset and hooded robe…and nothing else. She reads through her book, trying to find the secrets she needs to lure a man to her to feed from. Want to volunteer to be this sexy vampires next meal?


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Vampire babe Orias of Zeng has a thirst for fiery blood which she drinks in a ritual in a cave.  It then runs down her nude body in erotic drips. Want to see more Bare Maidens? Visit Bare Maidens today!


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